An Introduction to UT Austin’s Master Plan for Sustainability

Hello all Green Voices readers! My name is Samara Zuckerbrod and I am the new director for the CEC’s blog. I am very excited to help educate others (while still learning more myself) about the sustainability movement both on campus and around the world. That's me! Often, talking about the threat of climate change and … Continue reading An Introduction to UT Austin’s Master Plan for Sustainability

CEC’s Open Membership Model

The Campus Environmental Center has announced they will adopt an open membership policy, whereby there is no application or active-member requirements to be involved with the organization. The CEC is the oldest and largest organization at the University of Texas at Austin for those interested in the environment and is sponsored by the UT Office of … Continue reading CEC’s Open Membership Model

Origin Story: The Campus Environmental Center

When we chatted with Corinna Kester, we knew that we’d unearth facts about the origin of the oldest student-led environmental organization on campus, the Campus Environmental Center(CEC). After all, Kester is credited with starting CEC in 2002. But Kester’s role in greening The University of Texas at Austin is more pivotal than simply starting a student … Continue reading Origin Story: The Campus Environmental Center

Ambassadors Name Change

As of July 2018, the CEC Co-Ambassadors will go by the title "CEC Co-Directors." The reason for this change includes confusion on what "Ambassador" means and what the position entails. The Co-Director title communicates that the students that hold the position oversee the overall strategy of the CEC and the sub-units that create the organization. … Continue reading Ambassadors Name Change

The EPA is Re-Evaluating Asbestos: What You Need to Know

If you’ve spent any time in an older home that hasn’t been renovated in a while, chances are good you’ve been in close proximity to building materials and other products likely to contain asbestos. Not all that long ago, the mineral could be found in thousands of products, ranging from crock pots and ironing board covers, to fireproof clothing, vinyl floor tiles, roofing tar, cements and even siding.