What are Project Teams?

Project Teams are member-run initiatives aimed at operating a novel project, program or, service that advances environmental stewardship and/or sustainability on the UT-Austin campus. The Campus Environmental Center supports Project Teams and their projects’ respective missions and goals by providing administrative and financial support, facilities, and other resources. General Members are encouraged to support projects through volunteering, specific skills, or leadership.

Project Teams are created on a case-by-case basis as resources are available. Although we project proposals originate from members of the CEC, we may accept proposals from non-members pending application for membership in the CEC.

Project Teams are typically comprised of at least two compensated Project Team Leaders. The Project Leaders may elect to form additional positions on their team as they see fit.

Projects are usually started with the goal of becoming “institutionalized,” or finding a permanent home on the UT campus. Learn more about our successfully institutionalized projects.