The environmental justice (EJ) movement exists at the intersection of social justice and environmentalism, recognizing the need to understand the role that white supremacy, legacies of slavery, and settler-colonialism play into contemporary environmentalism and sustainability movements. The EJ movement seeks to end the disproportionate impact of environmental burdens on Black and Indigenous people of color, poor people, womxn, and disabled people.

The Environmental Justice Collective at the University of Texas at Austin is a project that emerged out of a series of conversations initiated by students of color in environmental studies during the fall semester of 2018. The EJ Collective recognizes the need to center issues of race, class, gender, ability, etc. within environmentalism and is a space for students to explore and organize around these topics. Understanding that many classes within environmental studies fail to address these topics, the EJ Collective advocates for curriculum changes to fill these gaps. In the past, we organized zine workshops, hosted panels featuring community activists and scholar-activists, and co-hosted discussions on Indigenous epistemologies and decolonizing sustainability with Native American and Indigenous Collective (NAIC).

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