There is a free shuttle service in place through the city bus, using your UT ID! There are multiple routes that pick up near campus and drop off close to the farm. It takes about 20-30 minutes total. Members can take these buses at multiple locations on Guadalupe.

You can access the MetroBus website in the links below and determine the bus you need to take. Here are some general instructions to determine your bus route.

  1. Select the MetroRapid 801 route (in gray).
  2. Using the map function, determine the stop on Guadalupe street closest to you! (on the map slide, star the pickup spot near the tower and the next one near Dean Keaton)
  3. Arrive at your stop 45 minutes before the workday begins (around 9:45am!)
  4. Wait until the bus arrives
  5. Swipe your UT ID (for the month of October, students and faculty do not need to swipe).
  6. Find a seat and ride!
  7. Pull the cord near the windows to signal for your stop, before west 47th street or after 51st.
  8. Get off the bus at W 47th or at the North Lamar station.
  9. Walk to the farm!

Here is a rough map of the different stations that you can access!

There is a more detailed map on the Metro website for street information.
Here is the walking portion of the bus route from these respective bus stations that give you access to the farm.
Here is a more detailed map of the walking portion to the farm.

For more information about the various bus routes you can take to get to the farm or general information about the Capital Metro system, check out these links below.

Schedules and Maps – Cap Metro

Google Maps

UT Parking and Transportation Services

801 Bus Route – detailed information PDF