What is Trash to Treasure?

The Trash to Treasure Project Team operates a recycling and resale program with the purpose of diverting reusable items from going to the landfill, primarily through a series of donation drives and sales throughout the year. At the end of each semester, we collect all donated items from each of the dorms, sort and weigh it, and sell it back to the UT community for a $1 each item the following semester. Anything that we do not sell, we donate it to off campus nonprofits and charities, or to local recycling companies to be repurposed. Student volunteers are always eager to come and help, as well as other students, faculty, and staff are always looking forward for great finds.


Three-Fold Benefits

  • We divert thousands of pounds from the waste stream annually
  • We supply the campus community with inexpensive goods for reuse, such as clothing, electronics, home goods, and office supplies
  • We raise funds to support environmental programs at UT Austin

Types of Events

  • Donation Drives
  • Trash to Treasure Sales
  • Facilities Sales
  • Office Supply Swap
  • Home Goods Sale
  • Off-Campus Donation Week