Find your place in environmentalism.

With so many ways to get involved and make an impact, it’s hard to know where to start. Let us help:

  • Want to learn more about environmental issues?
  • Interested in being a part of environmental action at UT?
  • Want to learn how to integrate sustainability into your lifestyle?
  • Looking for a place to educate fellow Longhorns on environmental topics?

If any of those was a “yes,” you should join us.

How to get involved

Become a member of the CEC community. At the CEC, we use the word “member” loosely as any student can be a member of the CEC community. A community member is a student who is involved with CEC in any way, whether that be a single event or every event – no application or requirements involved.

CEC Campfires: Join us for our general meetings every other Tuesday from 6-7 pm on zoom!

green newsletter

Sign up for our newsletter: There is no application or requirements to be a Community Member. Get involved how you want to and what works with your life


Follow us on social media: (Facebook, InstagramTwitter) We post about our events, interesting articles, original blog posts, and challenges/giveaways exclusive to social media followers.

get involvedCome out to an event (and bring your friends!): Once your connected, get started! You are free to get involved how you want, whether that is attending or helping run an event, and share the experience with your friends.


We recognize that students have different life constraints, whether financial, familial, or academic, which may inhibit their ability to commit regularly to an organization.
That’s why the CEC has chosen to adopt an open membership model, whereby there is no application and no “active member” requirements – just opportunities for those who want them!