CEC’s Open Membership Model

The Campus Environmental Center has announced they will adopt an open membership policy, whereby there is no application or active-member requirements to be involved with the organization. The CEC is the oldest and largest organization at the University of Texas at Austin for those interested in the environment and is sponsored by the UT Office of Sustainability.

The direction change was prompted by the realization that students have different life constraints, whether financial, familial, or academic, that may inhibit their ability to commit regularly to an organization.

Leaders of the CEC believe that having a full time job or a family to take care of should not be a barrier to getting involved with environmentalism and sustainability.

“The purpose of the CEC is to provide opportunities for all students to explore environmentalism and their place in it.” said Anthony Rivera, Co-Director of the CEC. “We want to create a culture where you are seen as a member of our community whether you make it out to an event once a week or once a year.”

The stigma of environmentalism only being accessible to privileged individuals is exactly what the CEC is working to combat. With an open membership, students are free to get involved how they are able.

Getting involved with the CEC is simple. All a student has to do is sign up for their newsletter to get notifications of their events and opportunities, including a speaker series, service events, lifestyle challenges, and more.

For those wanting an in-person introduction to the CEC, there are interest meetings September 5 and 6 at 6:00 PM in JGB 2.216. Information on how to get involved is all located on the CEC website.


About the CEC

The Campus Environmental Center (CEC) is a community of students who explore, learn about, and act on contemporary environmental  issues on campus and in the Austin area. Its mission is to empower the University of Texas at Austin community to  pursue a genuine culture of environmental sustainability through constructive and dynamic means. The CEC supports six student-run projects that make a mark on the 40 acres: BATX, Green Events, Green Greeks, Half-Pint Urban Prairie, Microfarm, and Trash to Treasure.

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