Easy Tips for a Sustainable Easter Weekend

Use real eggs, instead of plastic eggs

An easy swap for the typical plastic eggs is your good, old, natural eggs. My family loves to buy eggs from a local family that raises their own chickens. Plastic eggs usually break very easily and don’t last but for a year or two. Everyone loves dying eggs and its a great activity for people of any age.


Find candy that is not individually wrapped

Candy is one of the main attractions for people on Easter. Instead of buying individually wrapped Reese’s eggs, foil chocolates, or plastic wrapped chocolate bunnies opt for unwrapped candies or a healthier alternative!


Prevent food waste

After dying all your Easter eggs – make sure you use them all! Avoid food waste and try creating a new dish with eggs, deviled eggs, a quiche, omelets, egg salads you name it!


Use natural ingredients to dye eggs

Buying the pre-made dye kits is convenient but can be filled with chemicals or artificial ingredients. Instead create try creating dyes from natural ingredients, like spices, vegetables or fruits. A lovely resource for homemade dyes can be found here!



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