5 Eco-Friendly Ideas for Spring Cleaning

It is that time of the year again – spring cleaning! To some, this might be a day or long weekend to look forward to, but for others, it can be easily overlooked. No matter how much cleaning you do this spring season, try these easy eco-friendly tips for more sustainable cleaning.

Use reusable cloths: As mentioned in our Zero Waste Swaps: Kitchen post, paper towels are extremely wasteful. Ditch your paper towels and use reusable kitchen towels or cleaning cloths. I have a set from Costco and they have lasted me forever and I will never use another paper towel again! Additionally, you can also cut up old fabric and make your own rags if you have extra clothing or material lying around. Pop these into your washer after they have been used and then they are as good as new. Additionally, if you already own a Swiffer, ditch the disposable refills and purchase reusable pads that you can wash and reuse.


Only do laundry when you have a full load: Try this tip out to save on water and wash them in cold water (less energy is required this way)


Save money and be more sustainable by making your own cleaning products: Head over to the supermarket and pick up the essentials: baking soda, lemon, and vinegar. With a combination of these and common household items, you can create your own cleaners and scrubs. Just google some DIY recipes, and you are as good new!

Donate: When cleaning, keep in mind the items that you don’t want or need. Create a separate pile to be donated. This can include clothing, decorations, kitchen items, pots and pans, toys – you name it. There is always someone else who is in need of these items. Consider finding your local donation center or homeless shelter.


Use the dishwasher: Instead of hand washing, use the dishwasher, although it may seem counter-intuitive it is hard to be more efficient when hand washing, so utilize your kitchen appliances this year.

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