Seed Saving

What is seed saving? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like—saving the seeds instead of harvesting the produce from a plant. Seeds are often saved for a favored trait like the tastiest fruit or the biggest flower. Seeds can be passed down for generations and become heirloom varieties. 

For indigenous peoples, seed saving can be a way of preserving their culture and history. Because much of their culture connects to their relationship with their land, saving seeds is an important manifestation of their cultural identity. 

Why should you save seeds?

Here’s how you can start saving seeds:

Step 1Plan your plants.
Step 2Observe your plants’ traits.
Step 3Know when your seed matures.
Step 4Harvest your seeds.
Step 5Store your seeds.
Step 6Next season, sow the saved seeds.
An overview of the process. Look below for more detailed explanation
of each step.

Watch this booklet come to life and learn more about each step as you progress through the video. If you want to know more about the process of actually harvesting the seeds, check out the page “Seed Zine Series“! This page has a more detailed explanation on how to harvest seeds in a similar format!!