screen-shot-2018-02-10-at-3-56-16-pmFormer CEC project team BATX sought to educate and inform UT students and the community about the critical role of bats in our ecosystem and economy. Students were able to interact with live bats with the help of knowledgable community members 

In 2018, the BATX team was officially absorbed into the CEC Education and Outreach core team. You can pick up a BATX Pocket Guide in the CEC office, SSB 1.302, to learn more about bats and their role in our ecosystem.

Green Offices

3f8d47_9fc70d4f3efb44d69babc6f618faf1d2.pngNow a program of the Office of Sustainability, Green Offices is a points-based certification process that empowers members of UT faculty and staff to elicit change in their work space. Green Offices seeks to exemplify the University’s sustainability policy, commitment to sustainable development, environmental stewardship and social welfare. Every participating office will gain access to a special Green Offices logo to display on official correspondence as well as introductory freebies. After achieving each level of certification, your office will receive an award to display your achievements and progress in the Green Offices program. 

Get more information about the program and register to become a Green Office by visiting the Green Offices website.

Tailgate Recycling

Image courtesy of UT Athletics

What started in the CEC as tailgate recycle services has turned into a robust waste diversion program within UT Athletics.

“Since 2014, Texas Athletics has partnered with UT’s Office of Sustainability and the Campus Environmental Center in overseeing the Sustainability Squad. The Sustainability Squad is a volunteer group that monitors compost and recycling bins, promotes sustainability and educates fans about Athletics’ Zero Waste 2017 initiative. Our green-shirted squad members are a recognizable part of Texas game days and are helping motivate fans to achieve Zero Waste by 2017!” (from

Orange Bike Project

Image courtesy of Orange Bike Project, PTS

Orange Bike Project, UT’s community bike shop, is now a program of Parking and Transportation Services. OBP offers tools and guidance to help you maintain your bike, as well as bike rentals for students. Learn more about there services by visiting their webpage.

UT Tree Nursery

treenursery11.jpgNow a part of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, the UT Tree Nursery, began as a result of a 2011 Green Fee proposal. While a part of the CEC, the UT Tree Nursery was one of the only student-run tree nurseries in the nation. Shortly after the founding of the nursery, the 2011 Bastrop County Complex Fire created a large need for Loblolly Pine seedlings to reforest the area. The UT Tree Nursery integrated efforts with the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and provided over 350,000 pine tree seedlings to reforest the Bastrop Lost Pines. The nursery has since transitioned to growing “UT Trees,” consisting of seedlings grown from seeds collected on the UT campus! These seedlings are used for multiple landscaping projects on UT campus, and extra seedlings are sold during Wildflower Center annual tree sale events. While a CEC project, student volunteers had the opportunity to sow seeds, tend seedlings, extract seedlings, package seedlings for transport, and participate in restoration efforts.