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Texan By Nature

Texan by Nature awards are given to conservation projects that emphasize people, prosperity, and natural resources.

Monarch Watch Waystation

Monarch Watch Waystations provide valuable sanctuaries for southern traveling Monarchs by providing access to milkweed, nectar plants, and a safe place to rest.

Bee Campus USA

We worked with the Beevo Beekeeping Society, Landscape Services, the Office of Sustainability, and faculty to certify UT as a Bee Campus USA to ensure that we are always taking care of the pollinators that attend our school.

Native Prairie Association of Texas Recognized Prairie

Registering a prairie with NPAT, means that you will make sure that it has, is, and always will be well taken care of.

National Wildlife Federation Wildlife Habitat

NWF certifications are given when a landscape installation provides food, water, shelter, places to raise young, and exercises sustainable practices.