Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 3.56.01 PMStarted in 2013, Green Greeks has helped the University of Texas establish a more sustainable network of Greek Life members. Through educational programs, volunteer events, and sustainable initiatives, Green Greeks has been able to work with both fraternities and sororities to make long term changes in the Austin West-Campus community. Reaching over 5,000 students, Green Greeks has been the front-facing organization of sustainability in the Greek community through large impact events such as Zero-Waste Roundup, West Campus Clean-Ups, and T-Shirt Drives. As a group led by students dedicated to helping our planet, we are committed to continually improving our organization and are open at all times to any member of the Greek community. Please reach out to us to see how you can help improve your chapters’ sustainable efforts.

Meet the Team

Catherine Lockett
Delta Delta Delta
Co-Project lead
Sarah Gianotti
Alpha Delta Pi
Co-Project Lead

Annual Projects

  • West-Campus Clean-Ups
  • T-Shirt Drive
  • Zero-Waste Roundup
  • Bring a cup, get a cup

How can my chapter get involved
with Green Greeks?

  • Be your chapter’s delegate
  • Zero-Waste Philanthropy Events 
  • Zero-Waste Tailgates 
  • Community Service Mixers
  • Party Pick-Ups 
  • Chapter Consultations 
  • General Meetings

Contact us for more information.