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A Review of COP26

Written by: Shai Davis and Rachel Simone On November 12, 2021, after 13 days, the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26 - ‘Conference of the Parties’) came to a close. With about 200 countries represented, many politicians, business leaders, and activists gathered in Glasgow, Scotland to collectively discuss ways to fight this global issue … Continue reading A Review of COP26

The Bitter Price of Chocolate

Written by: Rachel Simone & Shai Davis Artwork by: Mac Davenport While chocolate is a tasty candy and enjoyed by many people around the world, the impact of its production is rather bitter. Remarkably, the majority of people in Western countries consume between 9 and 20 lbs of the delicious treat per year. With that … Continue reading The Bitter Price of Chocolate

Happy HalloGREEN!

Written by: Kristina Priotto The spookiest thing this season may very well be the way most people are celebrating Halloween. Every year, Halloween costumes, decorations, and candy go straight to the landfill. Let's encourage our community to take steps to make Halloween Green! The Spooky Secret about Halloween Unfortunately, when we think about Halloween, sustainability … Continue reading Happy HalloGREEN!

Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2021

Written by: Ben Shipman, Shai Davis, Rachel Simone Artwork by: Mac Davenport Some Indigenous peoples believe their land was formed on the back of a turtle. For this reason, "Turtle Island" is the name used for lands of North and Central America. History of Indigenous Peoples’ Day Indigenous Peoples’ Day, which falls on the second … Continue reading Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2021

A Call to Action: Earth Day Edition

By: Emily Engelbart Graphic by: Gloria Lee For billions of years, Mother Earth has provided us with a place to call home. The vivacity of life, the complexity of humanity, the nuances of an individual, the passions of a community — humans experience all of this on the grounds Mother Earth provided us.  In return, … Continue reading A Call to Action: Earth Day Edition

Under threat of climate change, coral reefs work diligently to survive and thrive

By: Emily EngelbartArt by: Gloria Lee Coral reefs are one of the many wonders of our planet, and because of the disheartening truth of global warming, their future is uncertain. A sliver of hope remains: the rapid rate in which coral reefs can evolve.  Although many people, including some scientists, refer to evolution as a … Continue reading Under threat of climate change, coral reefs work diligently to survive and thrive

Redefining Materialism

By Shreya Kabra and Samara Zuckerbrod Americans let Stuff define who we are as people. Luxurious goods and other physical items that supposedly improve our lives are flung around as status symbols that are supposed to fulfill a deeper emotional desire within us. However, buying one thing after the other doesn’t always provide the emotional … Continue reading Redefining Materialism

Addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals with Making Amends

Illustrations by Elianna Pannakis and Abbey Lehr  Written by Parker Lynas, Vianey Sierra, Abbey Lehr and Diego Allison  The Sustainable Development Goals are outlined by the United Nations to “achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice.” … Continue reading Addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals with Making Amends