Fall 2019

  • Applied for and received $6782 in Green Fund support to make Environmental Justice an official project of the CEC. This primarily included wages for two student leaders for the 2019-20 academic year.
  • Held weekly working group meetings to develop a mission, vision, goals, and more.
  • Hosted an Environmental Justice panel with campus and community leaders in the field.
  • Started a Facebook page to communicate with students interested in Environmental Justice.
  • Hosted Indigenous People’s Week with Native American Indigenous People’s Collective
  • Met with Dr. Pavithra Vasudevan and Dr. Bjorn Sletto to discuss curriculum changes

Spring 2020

  • Hosted an Ecofeminist Film Night
  • Started a Plant Justice social media campaign with Microfarm

Fall 2020

  • Recruited new volunteer student members
  • Hosted an event, Labor and the Environment in the Fashion Industry to highlight the problematic aspects of the fashion industry
  • Co-hosted a podcast discussion with Microfarm on Indigenous Agriculture in honor of Indigenous People’s day
  • Co-hosted an educational event with Green Events on waste and environmental justice
  • Created a course list to highlight classes that cover social justice topics and/or BIPOC cultures
  • Created and presented an introductory environmental justice to two environmental science FIGS and Half-Pint’s All of the Above
  • Received over 100 responses to our social justice in the classroom survey
  • Started conversations on curriculum change with faculty and staff in the Environmental Science department and the Geography and the Environment department

Spring 2021

  • Met with Geography and the Environment department who were interested in proposing a new environmental justice course
  • Worked with Students Fighting Climate Change and Student Government to author and present on a Joint Resolution calling for more social justice in the curriculum
  • Co-hosted an educational discussion with SFCC on what divestment movements entail and previous divestment movements
  • Co-hosted a podcast discussion with Microfarm on black land ownership
  • Hosted an educational discussion on the increasing trend in migration due to climate change
  • Co-hosted a discussion with ADPAC on the Texas Snowstorm and relating themes of environmental justices to the BFI recycling plant
  • Co-hosted a discussion with Half-Pint Prairie on Indigenous land sovereignty
  • Presented on environmental justice for a Green Greeks meeting
  • Conducted an environmental advocacy workshop for a CEC campfire

Fall 2021

  • Onboarded a new co-lead!
  • Presented to CEC Leadership about what environmental justice should look like in the CEC
  • Created 7 team member positions and recruited members
  • Hosted an education discussion, Traditional Caretakers of the Land with 11 attendees
  • Presented to Resource Recovery Interns on the basics of environmental justice and how EJ ties in with waste management
  • Presented to an Environmental Science FIG in-person on the basics of environmental justice
  • Presented at the Global Conference on Sustainability in Higher Education on EJC’s curriculum work
  • Hosted and advertised a 2-week sign up period where 758 UT students signed up for a menstrual cup
  • Tabled on speedway and west mall as well as with UT Farmstand to promote Red Alert and raise awareness of EJC’s work
  • Hosted a CEC Campfire with a speaker from the HERS project on sustainable menstruation and period poverty with 19 attendees
  • Hosted the first EJC volunteer event with Wholesome Generation, 16 attendees
  • Hosted a discussion about EJ pertaining to India with Leaders of Environmental Awareness and Protection, 17 attendees
  • Met with team members 3 times to onboard and give updates/future steps both in-person and on zoom
  • Advised the Diversity and Inclusion Officer from the University of Pittsburgh on general goals for EJ and curriculum work
  • Created a new recommended course list for Spring 2022 registration
  • Gained 144 followers since Sep 8, 29% increase in followers since Sep 16