Green Speeches is a multidisciplinary forum for undergraduate students to practice giving presentations in a casual, judgement-free environment. It’s an opportunity for you to learn what your peers are doing, enjoy a sense of community, and hone your public speaking skills. You can talk about your research, organizational involvement, or a subject you find interesting pertaining to:

  • Ecology of urban environments
  • Native Texas ecosystems
  • Ecosystem services
  • The relationship between health and the environment
  • Sustainable urban planning
  • Native American and Indigenous ecological knowledges
  • Theories of change for environmentalists
  • Or whatever–as long as you’re passionate about it!

We’ll meet once a week via Zoom at time to be announced once the course schedule is finalized. The presenter is encouraged to speak for 15-45 minutes, with time for questions at the end of the talk.

If you’re interested in attending, sign up for the Half-Pint Prairie Newsletter at the link below to receive announcements about upcoming meetings. If you’re interested in presenting, hit the button below and reserve your spot.