What are Topic Teams?

More often than not, environmental interest takes the form of concern about a particular issue or topic, such as water conservation or sustainable agriculture. To take advantage of the diversity of interests within our organization, we encourage members to explore and learn about topics they’re interested in and share their findings with the club by forming or joining Topic Teams.

How to join a Topic Team: Pull up the sidebar on the Slack app, click the (+) next to “CHANNELS,” and Topic Team channels will begin with “tt-” followed by the team name. If you want to join a team, click on the name, and then click “Join Channel.”

How to form a Topic Team: Talk to Anthony or James at a CEC General Meeting, or email them at ambassadors@utenvironment.org.

Current Topic Teams

Climate Change Policy

Aims to understand viable policy options for reducing and transforming energy consumption on a local, state, and federal scale. The group will attempt to learn how to best engage with our own representatives and lawmakers to support climate friendly policies, and will look for opportunities to practice those tactics (such as letter writing, calling representatives, attending townhalls, etc.) while getting to know the local Austin community surrounding climate change policy.

Sustainable Eating

To give CEC members who want to adopt a vegetarian, vegan, or low-meat diet the resources and support to do so through recipes, challenges, socials, and educational materials.

Water Quality

To learn about effective ways to sample and observe water (from taps and in streams) to gather information.  This team will go out and take measurements in the field, in homes, and in wells we can access to learn about water pathways, spatial and temporal occurrence, and how to cheaply measure water quality.