The Campus Environmental Center is driven by students, and we need your help in advancing environmental causes at UT and in our community!

Team Member Applications *Green Events Social Media Manager OPEN NOW*

Most Team Member positions are closed for the semester, however Green Events has opened up applications for a social media manager position. Read more about the position here. Apply for the position here.

Application Deadline: October 14th

Paid Team Lead Applications

All paid leader positions are closed for fall 2020. Please sign up for our newsletter to be notified of new position openings for spring 2021. 

Family Applications

The families program is suspended for Fall 2020 given that CEC activities have gone primarily virtual due to Covid-19. Check back later in the semester for updates on Spring 2021 plans.

Application Resources

The Campus Environmental Center does not look over cover letters or resumes. However, there are a few websites and campus resources that can help you perfect your application. Remember that if we haven’t met you in person, the only information we have about your personality, skills, and experience is in your application.