Like being outside? Think protecting the natural environment is important? Want to be a part of environmental action at UT? Believe environmental issues are oftentimes large and best addressed through collective action and respectful conversation?

If any of those was a “yes,” you should join us.

How to get involved as a CEC member

Any UT Austin student is eligible to join the CEC at any time. To become a CEC member, simply complete the following steps:

1. Complete the online membership application

After completing the application, you’re a member. It only takes a few minutes, why not begin now?

To stay active, renew your membership by resubmitting the application once every academic year (from August to July).

If you have any issues with the application, please contact us.

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2. Attend a Campfire and meet new friends

We’re a community, and fellow your fellow environmentally-minded Longhorns want to meet you! Campfires are our twice-monthly club meetings. We set aside time at each Campfire to meet-and-greet with fellow CECer’s. That way you can begin building relationships with others who hold similar interests.

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3. Subscribe to the newsletter

Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on CEC events and activities, as well as news about environmental action at UT Austin and around the world.

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4. Join the Facebook group

The Facebook group is where you can continue the discussions that start at Campfires, and get informal updates and news from your fellow CECer’s. Plus memes.

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Why join the CEC?

CEC members enjoy access to the Campus Environmental Center community, a group of fellow environmentally-aware students with convergent interests, through social gatherings and group service events. Members also have access to the broader on- and off-campus network that the Campus Environmental Center has built over the last 15 years, as well as eligibility to hold compensated leadership positions within the organization in the future.

Social events are a great opportunity to connect with fellow members, foster new friendships, and explore different areas of the environmental community on campus and in the Austin area. Service events typically benefit an environmental cause and give members a chance to take meaningful and conscious action.

Environmental issues are oftentimes large and best addressed through collective action and respectful conversation. Come join us as we make a meaningful and lasting impact on our campus and surrounding communities!

To summarize: The Campus Environmental Center provides a community, service opportunities, and leadership experiences that promote significant environmental thought and action.