CEC’s Education and Outreach Team will host six interactive workshops throughout the semester to give students the opportunity to participate in hands-on learning & how to integrate sustainability in their lives.

These workshops will take place every other Wednesday, starting Sept. 19, in the Union Pearce Hall (2.404) – next to Panda Express – from 6:00-7:00 PM.

Interested in partnering with us for a workshop in the spring? Contact us.

Fall 2018 Workshops

Biking at UT and Around Austin

Wednesday, Sept. 19

Yes we know – biking around this crazy city can be scary and even on our college campus it can be a challenge. Stop by to learn some tips and tricks for safely biking around Austin.

Food Labels: How to Make Sense of Them

Wednesday, Oct. 3

How do we make sense of all of the food options at the grocery store? How do we know what to look out for on a food label? Come find out with a little help from the CEC Microfarm Team.

How Do I Recycle This? – Random Item Recycling

Wednesday, Oct. 17

We all feel better throwing things in recycling or compost, but sometimes items just don’t quite belong there. While sometimes it’s a matter of changing the product you use so that you can recycle, compost, or reuse it, there are tons of recycling programs out there to help you recycle those random items! Come by and check them out with us.

Zero Waste Soap Making

Wednesday, Oct. 31

We all use soap. We all want to smell good. We all think creating less waste is a good thing. Join us in making your own soap and reduce plastic waste! We’ll have the supplies, just come on by.

How to talk about environment and sustainability

Wednesday, Nov. 14

All of our family members embrace sustainability as a core value of their life right? And they definitely believe in the dangers of a changing climate. Yeah right, so then join us in having a conversation about how to talk with your family and friends about environment and sustainability in a respectful, effective way. Just in time for Thanksgiving Break!

Trash to Treasure: Mending & Upcycling Your Clothes

Wednesday, Nov. 28

Have some clothes that need some patching up? What about some that you are bored of and want to throw away? Come fix & customize them with us! We will have crafty supplies, buttons, and creative minds to help you make your new closet piece. Don’t have a piece of clothing but want to learn? We have some for you – come on by!