Fall 2018

The CEC Speaker Series is hosted every other Monday, starting Sept. 24, from 6:00-7:00 PM in JGB 2.216.

These events, open to the public, begin with a presentation from our speaker and end with time for a Q&A session. Bring any and all questions!

If you are interested in either speaking at our Spring 2018 Speaker Series or partnering with us to host a speaker, contact us.

Fall 2018 Speaker Series Program

Recycle, Compost, or Landfill? – Zero Waste at UT

Monday, Sept. 24

ResRecJoin UT Resource Recovery and UT Housing and Dining to learn about navigating the three waste streams at UT – Recycling, Compost, and Landfill Trash – as well at UT’s Zero Waste by 2020 Goal! No more lingering around bins trying to decide what goes where.

“Green-Washing” – What It Is & How To Spot It

Monday, Oct. 8

lucyJoin Lucy Atkinson in exploring how advertisers use “green-washing” and a falsely created image of corporate sustainability to deceive consumers. Lucy Atkinson is an Associate Professor from the Moody College of Communication and conducts research focused on the intersection of politics and consumer behavior.

Savanna Ecology and Fires in Botswana

Monday, Oct. 22

thorThoralf Meyer, from the College of Liberal Arts, will join the CEC in discussing the ecological role of fires in a savanna climate and the perception humans have on fires and their ecological consequences. Come learn about how we can relate this to our own Central Texas climate.

Sustainable Architecture

Monday, Nov. 5

More info soon…

Deforestation & Climate Change

Monday, Nov. 19

rainforestHow critical are rain forests to the health of our planet? Well… a ton! And if you don’t believe us, come hear Rainforest Partnership speak about the topic, and how you can get involved.