The structure of the CEC can be confusing, with compensated leaders, team members, and community members. Check out our organization chart below to get a better sense of how we run:


Community Members

At the CEC, we use the word “member” loosely as any student can be a member of the CEC community. A member is any student who is involved with CEC in any way, whether that be a single event or every event. The community is open to all and can look different for each student involved. There is no application to join, and there are no requirements to stay involved with us, unless you move into a team member or leader position.

Learn how to get involved in our community under Join the CEC.

Administrative Team

The Administrative Team is composed of the Co-Directors, Education and Outreach Coordinator, and Communications Coordinator. Each leader focuses on a particular aspect of the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities that are required to run a student org while providing critical support for the CEC Project Teams and community members. All administrative positions are compensated.

Project Teams

Project Teams are student-run initiatives aimed at operating a novel project, program or, service that advances environmental stewardship and/or sustainability on the UT-Austin campus.

The CEC supports Project Teams and their projects’ respective missions and goals by providing administrative and financial support, facilities, and other resources. Students are encouraged to support projects through volunteering, specific skills, or leadership.

Project Teams are created on a case-by-case basis as resources are available.

Project Teams are typically composed of at least two compensated Project Team Leaders. The Project Leaders may elect to form additional, voluntary-basis positions on their team as they see fit.

CEC Purpose and Bylaws

The Purpose and Bylaws of the Campus Environmental Center are available online.