Leadership Team

The Leadership Team leads the CEC in a a positive, driven direction that will help to grow the organization’s positive impact on UT and the Austin community.  They provide support for all CEC leadership with ongoing campaigns, projects, and events and facilitate communication and collaboration with other organizations across campus and the greater Austin community.


Co-Director: Riley Anderson

Hi!! I’m a junior Biochemistry and Sustainability Studies double major. I am a transfer student to UT, and I’m originally from Southern California. I love working with the CEC and I was a Green Events meeting chair the past couple semesters. I am so excited to be joining the admin team as a co-director this year! I still haven’t figured out exactly what I’m planning to do after graduation, but I know that science and the environment are going to be a huge part of it and I definitely see grad school in my future. In my spare time, I work in a lab studying invasive species in Central Texas, go camping, shoot film photography, and search for the best vegan food in Austin!


Co-Director: Siddha Sannigrahi

Hi everybody! My name is Siddha Sannigrahi and I am a Public Health major. I am very passionate about how the environment can influence health outcomes. On the weekends, I like to spend time outside, read, or play board games with my friends. I’m looking forward to meeting other people at UT who share my love for the planet and can’t wait to collaborate with others to empower the UT community to start living sustainably!


Education and Outreach Coordinator: Samara Zuckerbrod

Greetings! It’s Samara here and I am a Sustainability and English double-major with a concentration in Creative Writing. I started off in the CEC as the Green Voices blogger. I loved that role as it allowed me to combine my passions for sustainability and writing.  After graduation, I want to keep writing for environmental organizations and comedic entities like SNL! For now, I’m excited to start my role as Education and Outreach Coordinator and to learn how to help others become engaged with sustainability in creative ways! In my free time, I enjoy watching stand-up comedy with friends, reading metaphysical fiction, and listening to music.


Communications Coordinator: Brittany Miller

Hey y’all! I’m Brittany, and I am a third year public relations major. I am interested in nonprofits and working with places that promote social good. I am also the associate managing editor at The Daily Texan. I love reading, the Austin food scene and taking my dog on walks. I’m excited to step into the Communications Coordinator role and work with the other CEC leaders to effectively communicate our mission.

Staff Advisor

The Staff Advisor manages the day-to-day operations of the CEC, advises student leaders, and aides with liaising between the CEC and other parts of the UT administration.

Brianna Duran

Hi! As the CEC staff advisor, I’m passionate about empowering students to become leaders in sustainability at UT and beyond! I love camping and hiking, floating through sunset on Lady Bird Lake, and reading fantasy trilogies. If you want to talk campus sustainability, just shoot me a message!

Green Events Project Team Leaders

The Green Events Project Team Leaders network with student organizations to understand their needs, identify ways to make their events more sustainable, provide recycling and compost services at events, and educate event attendees about sustainable practices.

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Shreya Kabra

Hello! I am a sophomore studying Supply Chain Management and Sustainability Studies. My passion for the environment stems from growing up visiting national/state parks and the book Hoot. I hope to take this passion into my future career and help corporations reduce their stress on the planet. I look forward to co-leading Green Events this year and educating UT orgs on how to divert their waste from the landfill. On the side, I enjoy cooking new things, reading, painting, and embroidery!


Brian Feng

Hey, I’m Brian Feng! I’m a Junior Computational Biology major pursuing both the Elements of Computing certificate and Environment & Sustainability BDP. I grew up in Taiwan, one of the leading nations in green technology and recycling, so I have been sorting trash into 7 differently labeled bins(PET, PVC, aluminum, etc) since I was a toddler. I hope to make use of my experience and knowledge on recycling to help UT orgs host more zero waste events and change the way students think about recycling. UT students will become leaders of the world one day, so if we can change their mindsets and lifestyles while they are here at UT, the influence of our green events will go way beyond our school. Outside of CEC meetings and Green Events projects, you can find me at Greg playing Pickup Volleyball. Feel free to say hi if you see me!

Green Greeks Project Team Leaders

The Green Greeks Project Team Leaders work with fraternities and sororities to educate members about sustainability, initiate new recycling and sustainability initiatives in Greek houses, encourage chapters to identify “Sustainability Reps” to serve as advocates, identify and implement ways to make Greek events more sustainable, recruit and manage volunteers, and host West Campus Cleanup events.


Madi Bradley

Hey guys! I am a third year Environmental Science student through the College of Liberal Arts and I am currently serving as the VP Philanthropy of Alpha Chi Omega. When I graduate from UT, I hope to further my studies in human-environmental interactions and volunteer with the Peace Corps before starting a career in environmental policy. I look forward to working with Green Greeks and our Sustainability Representatives to implement zero-waste practices in all aspects of Greek life.


Izi Munera

Hi, I’m Izi! I am majoring in Environmental Engineering and pursuing a minor in French. I am originally from Colombia and have lived in many cities, instilling in me a love of travel and exploration. I always try to stay physically active by exercising and doing yoga but also love movies and making art. My passion for the environment and sustainability goes quite a way back, and I am so excited to make an impact through the CEC and Green Greeks.

Half-Pint Urban Prairie Project Team Leaders

The Half-Pint Urban Prairie Project Team Leaders work to establish an educational model of a Blackland Prairie on campus.


Jack Rouse

I’m a junior majoring in English and Accounting. Half-Pint allows me to make a physical impact on the campus landscape and lead larger conversations about how we interact with space. Solving the question of how best to organize our societies is critical in acting decisively against climate change.  In my free time, I enjoy honing my tree identification skills, reading, and I’m always on the lookout for new music.

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Pranav Jayaraman

Hi, I’m Pranav! I’m a third-year neuroscience major also pursuing the business in healthcare certificate. From my time starting as a Half-Pint Prairie team member last year, I was able to learn a lot about the impact of green spaces on both physical and mental health outcomes. After graduation, I plan to complete an MD/MPH dual degree with a specialization in environmental health to help address health disparities by increasing equitable access to green spaces and pioneer ways to deliver healthcare more sustainably to mitigate environmental risk factors. As a Half-Pint Prairie Co-lead, I am looking forward to increasing others’ appreciation for nature by creating more green spaces on campus and helping them see the benefits of our native drought-resistant plants. Outside of the CEC, I also am the Vice-President of the Texas Crohn’s and Colitis Initiative and conduct research doing waste stream analysis for the UHS clinics. When free, you can find me watching plot-oriented cinema, playing tennis, trying new dishes or writing jokes and sketches for TSTV’s comedy show, Longhorn Latenight.

Microfarm Project Team Leaders

The Microfarm Project Team Leaders maintain the existing garden spaces, lead volunteer workdays, develop planting schedules, and organize farm stand events. They are also planning the creation of a new garden and the transition from the current farm to the new space.


Sally Jung

Hey there! My name is Sally and I am a senior double majoring in Environmental Science and Geography. I love connecting with food, nature, and people out at the Microfarm. It’s an amazing feeling to eat what you’ve personally grown, and I hope everyone has the chance to experience that. Besides Microfarm, I’m a member of Longhorn Stream Team, where I go out canoeing Texas rivers and collect water quality samples, and I love baking desserts and breads. Come visit the farm when you get a chance!

Nikki Hammond

Trash to Treasure Project Team Leaders

The Trash to Treasure Project Team Leaders sort and organize gently used items donated from the dorms, plan sale events, recruit and manage volunteers, collect items from dorms during Donation Drives, and plan specialty events such as the Office Supply Swap.


Abbey Lehr

Howdy! I am junior Textile and Apparel Design major pursuing a certificate in Environment and Sustainability. The respect I have for our environment and the resources used to make our clothing has carried into my goals, as I seek to better an industry that has greatly turned a blind eye to the negative social and environmental consequences it has. I’m so excited to work with a team who is striving to help decrease UT’s own textile waste and shift the future of the textile and apparel industry to one where clean fashion is a permanent trend. When I’m not at a sewing machine you can find me hiking, climbing, concert-going, or sharing a home cooked meal!

Diego Allison

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Environmental Justice Collective Leaders

The environmental justice (EJ) movement exists at the intersection of social justice and environmentalism, recognizing the need to understand the role that white supremacy, legacies of slavery, and settler-colonialism play into contemporary environmentalism and sustainability movements. The EJ movement seeks to end the disproportionate impact of environmental burdens on Black and Indigenous people of color, poor people, womxn, and disabled people.


Srikari Punyamurtula

Hey there! I’m Srikari, a second-year environmental science major and the new co-lead for the Environmental Justice Collective.  I’m excited to work with the CEC and the EJ Collective to help UT become more sustainable while treating everyone fairly. In my free time, I enjoy cooking and baking, dancing and being outdoors.

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Cerena Ermitanio

Hi there! I am a junior studying International Relations and Global Studies with a focus on international political economy. As we become increasingly aware and active on the issue of climate change, the term “sustainable development” has taken on a meaning that is divorced from legacies of domination and exploitation. A genuinely sustainable world is possible when we realize our collective responsibility for restoring and protecting each other’s dignity in the process of healing our planet. When I’m not busy canvassing and organizing, you can find me listening to podcasts and reading (and sometimes writing) poetry.