Leadership Team

The Leadership Team leads the CEC in a a positive, driven direction that will help to grow the organization’s positive impact on UT and the Austin community.  They provide support for all CEC leadership with ongoing campaigns, projects, and events and facilitate communication and collaboration with other organizations across campus and the greater Austin community.


Director: Avery McKitrick

Hey there! I’m Avery. I’m a second year environmental science major on the geology track pursing a marine science certificate. Outside of CEC, I do research with Dr. Banner in the geosciences school studying caves as a means of constructing past climates and predicting future climates. After I graduate I plan to pursue a phD and become a professor so that I can teach and inspire the next generation of environmentalists. When I’m not with the CEC you can find me hiking, tending my houseplants, practicing taekwondo, or watching Mean Girls (2004). Please feel free to email me if you have questions, comments, or just want to hang out.


Development Coordinator: Sara Flinn

michaela urban

Communications Coordinator: Michaela Urban

Hi all! I’m a second year Plan I Sustainability Studies and Iberian/Latin American Languages and Cultures double major.  I am interested in urban planning and natural resources but am also passionate about the Spanish language and the vibrant cultures that speak it. As a true nature lover would, I admire the unpredictable and diverse nature of the world around us and strive to ensure the continuation of the precious services it provides. As the Communications Coordinator, I’m beyond excited to collaborate with the talented leaders of the CEC to communicate our devotion to sustainable efforts to members of the UT community and beyond!

Staff Advisor

The Staff Advisor manages the day-to-day operations of the CEC, advises student leaders, and aides with liaising between the CEC and other parts of the UT administration.

Brianna Duran

Education and Outreach

Core Team Leaders

The Education and Outreach Core Team Leaders promote general knowledge about environmental issues to the general UT community through educational workshops, exhibits, and outreach campaigns.


Caroline Garnett

I’m a second year Geography and Plan II major interested in water sustainability and urban planning. As an Education and Outreach team leader, I want to raise awareness of environmental issues on campus, in Austin, and beyond, as well as recognize the overlap between environmentalism and human rights. I’d like to help UT students incorporate sustainability into their daily lives. Outside of the CEC, I’m involved in student theater, I play piano, and I’m learning Spanish with the goal of eventually studying abroad in Latin America.


Mimi Tran

Hi there! My name is Mimi Tran and I am a senior majoring in Human Development and Family Sciences. I am passionate about creating an environment where people can use their individuality and unique interests to make positive environmental impacts. As one of the Education and Outreach Team Leaders, I want to do my best to make the UT community feel motivated and empowered to learn about and work towards a sustainable planet. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, drawing, & spending time with family and friends!

Green Events Project Team Leaders

The Green Events Project Team Leaders network with student organizations to understand their needs, identify ways to make their events more sustainable, provide recycling and compost services at events, and educate event attendees about sustainable practices.

DSC00143 (2)

Rachel Aaronson

I am a senior chemistry major interested in microplastic pollution and how it affects the health of our planet. The best way to reduce pollution, is stopping it at its source, and I’m excited to be a part of Green Events where we can both divert waste from the landfill and educate our community of its implications. When I’m not studying, I enjoy making pasta, doing puzzles, reading, and spending time outside!

CEC Bio Picture - Samid Mirza.JPG

Samid Mirza

Hey everyone! I’m a Junior transfer student majoring in Geography and minoring in Business. I had the honor of interning with the Texas State Representative for House District 31, Ryan Guillen, where I had the opportunity to work on legislature and bill proposals related to environmental issues. What I love most about Green Events is the idea of collaborating with other student organizations to help make their events more sustainable and more eco-friendly, in addition to contributing in the mission to have UT become a Zero Waste Campus by 2020! I’m looking forward to collaborating and meeting with individuals from student organizations to help build that sustainability network and get more people involved in our zero-waste mission. In my free time, I enjoy watching soccer, exploring Austin, or just doing anything spontaneous with friends!

Green Greeks Project Team Leaders

The Green Greeks Project Team Leaders work with fraternities and sororities to educate members about sustainability, initiate new recycling and sustainability initiatives in Greek houses, encourage chapters to identify “Sustainability Reps” to serve as advocates, identify and implement ways to make Greek events more sustainable, recruit and manage volunteers, and host West Campus Cleanup events.

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Katia Eaton

Hi! I’m Katia, I am double majoring in Economics and Sustainability Studies! I am an active member of Phi Chi Theta, a business fraternity on campus. I’m also a member of Alpha Chi Omega, and I cannot wait to incorporate my love for the environment with a community that means so much to me. I am so excited to see all the great things we do this year with Green Greeks.


Blake Stephens

Hey, I’m Blake! I am a Texas Creative student majoring in Advertising! I am a member of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, and I am excited to help the Greek community participate in supporting UT’s sustainability efforts. I look forward to all the great things Green Greeks can accomplish this year.

Half-Pint Urban Prairie Project Team Leaders

The Half-Pint Urban Prairie Project Team Leaders work to establish an educational model of a Blackland Prairie on campus.


Jack Rouse

I’m a sophomore business major also pursuing a certificate in the environment and sustainability. I’m passionate about educating students about environmental concerns in Texas. I enjoy learning about sustainability because it’s where the environment, technology, and critical thinking converge. I love getting to know more about the creative ways people make their lives more sustainable and the wide range of initiatives on campus, and in Austin, that help people do so. In my free time I enjoy watching movies and going to concerts.

mark degraff

Mark DeGraff

Hello! I’m Mark and I’m a freshman environmental science major. My interest in sustainability stems from my belief that access to fresh food and wide open spaces is an essential part of a happy life. I am excited to watch the Half-Pint project grow and to start a conversation about the current state of prairies in Texas. On weekends, you can find me bouldering, hiking the Greenbelt, or biking to farmers’ markets around Austin.

Microfarm Project Team Leaders

The Microfarm Project Team Leaders maintain the existing garden spaces, lead volunteer workdays, develop planting schedules, and organize farm stand events. They are also planning the creation of a new garden and the transition from the current farm to the new space.


Kate Shirley

I’m a senior transfer student, with a major in Geography and minor in Sociology. I’m an evangelic vegetarian with a passion for sustainable agriculture, and consider myself so lucky to get to share the little magic moments of farming with new friends every week! Besides that, I’m a Certified Interpretive Tour Guide with dreams of becoming a National Park Ranger and am currently training as a Texas Master Naturalist. I hope you’ll visit our farm sometime soon, and say hi if you see me there!

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 10.46.55 AM.png

Sarah Holdeman

As a junior pursuing a double major in History and Sustainability Studies, I am passionate about building communities around a culture of sustainability- encouraging people to feel connected to the outcomes of their consumer decisions. Microfarm provides a perfect space for this kind of hands on connection and it’s a great place to start meaningful conversations about how we can live most lightly on this earth… and thats why I love it! Outside of Microfarm I am an avid reader, baguette baker, and long aimless walk taker. See you at the farm!

Trash to Treasure Project Team Leaders

The Trash to Treasure Project Team Leaders sort and organize gently used items donated from the dorms, plan sale events, recruit and manage volunteers, collect items from dorms during Donation Drives, and plan specialty events such as the Office Supply Swap.


Libby Griswold

I am a senior Environmental Science student in the Jackson School of Geology. I am passionate about educating myself and helping others to live a lifestyle that causes the least amount of damage to the environment. Specifically, I am working towards a zero-waste, minimalist, and plant-based lifestyle. I am excited to be part of a program that diverts materials from land-fills by allowing students to affordably repurpose other’s unwanted possessions! When not studying or working, I enjoy hiking, swimming, rock climbing, camping, acroyoga, and painting.

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Seshu Brahma

I am a junior Computer Science major pursuing a certificate in Environment and Sustainability. I’m passionate about always learning more about sustainability, and especially about how we can use technology to live more sustainably. I am so excited to be on a team that tangibly decreases landfill waste and allows students to reuse and repurpose each others’ materials. I also love reading, cooking, and knitting in my spare time.