The Ambassadors lead the CEC in a a positive, driven direction that will help to grow the organization’s positive impact on UT and the Austin community.  They provide support for all CEC leadership with ongoing campaigns, projects, and events and facilitate communication and collaboration with other organizations across campus and the greater Austin community.


Anthony Rivera

I’m a third year Advertising major with an interest in using communication and creativity as a tool for social change. As an Ambassador of the CEC, I am motivated to create a culture of environmental sustainability on campus through providing opportunities for students and student organizations to explore sustainability. I believe the prospect of a sustainable future is only possible if everyone has the opportunity to be aware and engaged. I look forward to leading the CEC as a community that values the importance of diversity and inclusion in environmentalism.



Katherine Trujillo

I’m a third year Sustainability Studies student interested in environmental and social justice. My passions include environmental law, ethical fashion, and living a zero waste and plant based lifestyle. As a former leader of the Socials and Service Core Team, I want to encourage the CEC community to share and discuss their visions and efforts for sustainability and environmental protection. In my free time, you can find me reading, hiking, cooking, or doing yoga.

Graduate Assistant

The Graduate Assistant supports different aspects of the CEC’s day-to-day operation, with special duties regarding grant writing, metrics tracking, and special events coordination.


Leah Havens

Staff Advisor

The Staff Advisor manages the day-to-day operations of the CEC, advises student leaders, and aides with liaising between the CEC and other parts of the UT administration.

Brianna Duran

Education and Outreach

Core Team Leaders

The Education and Outreach Core Team Leaders promote general knowledge about environmental issues to the general UT community through educational workshops, exhibits, and outreach campaigns.


Katie Aplis

I am a senior B.S.A Environmental Science major pursuing a certificate in Public Policy. I am interested in environmental justice and the intersection of climate change with community dynamics. Education is our greatest tool in the environmental movement and with the CEC we can help students make informed decisions that will have a positive impact.

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Vaishali Jayaraman

I am a third year B.S. Computer Science and B.A. Sanskrit student pursuing certificates in Digital Arts & Media and Environment & Sustainability. Having worked on the Zero Waste Team, Trash to Treasure and the Socials Team, I think that the biggest environmental challenge that faces our world is waste management. I aspire working towards developing lifestyles defined by seemingly effortless sustainable efforts, where a person has only environmentally conscious options, which are comfortable and convenient. Apart from environment conservation work, you can find me doing photoshoots for fellow Longhorns, designing snazzy stuff in my studio or let’s be real, coding all day long! 🙂

BATX Project Team Leader

The BATX Project Team Leader teaches students about native Texas bats while detecting echolocative calls, plans field trips to view the Congress Avenue Bridge emergence, and develops and leads other educational activities about bats.

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Jenni Tucker

I’m a Senior B.A. Linguistics minoring in Russian. After graduating from UT, I plan to pursue a second degree in Environmental Science or Biology. I am very passionate about protecting and connecting with nature, and my favorite way to do that is by rescuing, rehabilitating, and advocating for wildlife. I am the founder of my own wildlife rescue in San Antonio, where I live and commute from. I specialize in bats, and overall prioritize my work around native species that are extremely misunderstood, under-appreciated, or feared. Saving bats takes up most of my time, but when I’m not doing that, I like to practice my foreign language skills, obsessively fill my home with books and organic bits from nature, and find weird new skills and hobbies to explore.

Green Events Project Team Leaders

The Green Events Project Team Leaders network with student organizations to understand their needs, identify ways to make their events more sustainable, provide recycling and compost services at events, and educate event attendees about sustainable practices.

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Rachel Aaronson

I am a junior chemistry major interested in microplastic pollution and how it affects the health of our planet. The best way to reduce pollution, is stopping it at its source, and I’m excited to be a part of Green Events where we can both divert waste from the landfill and educate our community of its implications. When I’m not studying, I enjoy making pasta, doing puzzles, reading, and spending time outside!

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Janna Newman

I’m a senior studying Environmental Science with a focus in Biology and care deeply about issues regarding environmental justice and activism. I have fostered a passion for ecology since I was very little, listening to David Attenborough and watching Steve Irwin wrestle crocs (RIP). Throughout college I have invested my time in sustainable initiatives both on and off campus and even abroad when I studied in Botswana this past summer. My daily lifestyle is directly influenced by my desire to reduce my negative environmental impact and I’m excited to work with other students at UT to help them do the same! Outside of school I enjoy photography, painting, hiking, and cuddling my cat/child Suzee.

Green Greeks Project Team Leaders

The Green Greeks Project Team Leaders work with fraternities and sororities to educate members about sustainability, initiate new recycling and sustainability initiatives in Greek houses, encourage chapters to identify “Sustainability Reps” to serve as advocates, identify and implement ways to make Greek events more sustainable, recruit and manage volunteers, and host West Campus Cleanup events.

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Katia Eaton

Hi! I’m Katia, I am double majoring in Economics and Sustainability Studies! I am an active member of Phi Chi Theta, a business fraternity on campus. I’m also a member of Alpha Chi Omega, and I cannot wait to incorporate my love for the environment with a community that means so much to me. I am so excited to see all the great things we do this year with Green Greeks.


Kylee Ward

I’m Kylee and I’m a senior civil engineering major. Additionally, I am pursuing a master’s degree in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering at UT. I’m also a member of Alpha Chi Omega and so I’m very excited to tie together two of my passions here on campus as one of the project leaders for Green Greeks! I look forward to spreading sustainability awareness around Greek life here at UT and hopefully making some lasting changes.

Half-Pint Urban Prairie Project Team Leaders

The Half-Pint Urban Prairie Project Team Leaders work to establish an educational model of a Blackland Prairie on campus.

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Avery McKitrick

Hey there! I’m Avery. I’m a first year environmental science major on the biology track with a minor in science communication. Outside of CEC and the Half-Pint Urban Prairie Project, I am a member of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists (AAEES) and do a lot of grassroots campaigning related to environmental issues. Someday I’d like to combine my love for the environment, public speaking, and social justice to improve the state of our climate. I’m also an avid camper, houseplant hoarder, and I love to knit.


Jack Rouse

I’m a freshman business major also pursuing a certificate in the environment and sustainability. I’m passionate about educating students about environmental concerns in Texas. I enjoy learning about sustainability because it’s where the environment, technology, and critical thinking converge. I love getting to know more about the creative ways people make their lives more sustainable and the wide range of initiatives on campus, and in Austin, that help people do so. In my free time I enjoy watching movies and going to concerts.

Microfarm Project Team Leaders

The Microfarm Project Team Leaders maintain the existing garden spaces, lead volunteer workdays, develop planting schedules, and organize farm stand events. They are also planning the creation of a new garden and the transition from the current farm to the new space.


Austin Downey

I’m a junior year History major with a minor in Government. This will be my second year involved with the UT Microfarm and my first as a Project Team Leader! I am passionate about locally sourced produce, a plant-based and cruelty free lifestyle, and ethical fashion. I am also interested in urban planning, specifically in the creation of forward-thinking, sustainable communities. I spend my free time running, cooking, traveling and, of course, microfarming!


Kate Shirley

I’m a senior transfer student, with a major in Geography and minor in Sociology. I’m an evangelic vegetarian with a passion for sustainable agriculture, and consider myself so lucky to get to share the little magic moments of farming with new friends every week! Besides that, I’m a Certified Interpretive Tour Guide with dreams of becoming a National Park Ranger and am currently training as a Texas Master Naturalist. I hope you’ll visit our farm sometime soon, and say hi if you see me there!

Trash to Treasure Project Team Leaders

The Trash to Treasure Project Team Leaders sort and organize gently used items donated from the dorms, plan sale events, recruit and manage volunteers, collect items from dorms during Donation Drives, and plan specialty events such as the Office Supply Swap.


Libby Griswold

I am a junior Environmental Science student in the Jackson School of Geology. I am passionate about educating myself and helping others to live a lifestyle that causes the least amount of damage to the environment. Specifically, I am working towards a zero-waste, minimalist, and plant-based lifestyle. I am excited to be part of a program that diverts materials from land-fills by allowing students to affordably repurpose other’s unwanted possessions! When not studying or working, I enjoy hiking, swimming, rock climbing, camping, acroyoga, and painting.


Jazzmyne Herrington

I am a senior B.S. Environmental Science (biology) major pursuing a certificate in Marine Science. As a former Zero Waste Team Member and now a Trash To Treasure Project Leader, I am passionate about diverting waste from landfills and living a zero waste lifestyle. I have made the health of the environment my main concern since as far as I can remember and I believe it is the main issue facing our society today. I strive to live a lifestyle that people can learn from and look up to, and I hope to one day be working with environmental public policy. (I also dream to be featured in an environmental documentary). Outside of school you can find me painting, listening to music, collecting vinyls, photographing abstract items, dancing, composting, caring for my succulents, and snuggling with my amazing cat.