About the Socials and Service Core Team

This team is charged with the task of “growing a community of students that learn about and take action for the natural environment,” per the CEC’s Mission Statement. Through community service events, members of the CEC take action to promote causes related to environmental protection and sustainability. Through social gatherings, like-minded students form important friendships and networks of support. Whenever possible, social and service events expose members to new environmental topics, issues, and perspectives.


Socials and Service Core Team Leader

Katherine Trujillo


I’m a second year Sustainability Studies student interested in environmental and social justice. My passions include environmental law, ethical fashion, and living a zero waste and plant based lifestyle. As a former member of the CEC’s Socials Squad and current Leader of the Socials and Service Core Team, my goal is to create events in which members have fun, learn, and understand the difference that they’re making. I want to encourage the CEC family to share and discuss their visions and efforts for sustainability and environmental protection. In my free time, you can find me reading, hiking, cooking, or doing yoga.

Socials Chairs

Javier Coronel

javier-cFirst Year, Undergraduate Studies Major. I joined CEC to improve awareness of environmental issues. Talk to me about fitness, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and music!

Katelyn DeBacker

katelyn-dSecond Year, Chemistry Major. I joined CEC to make a difference. Talk to me about chemistry, rock climbing, traveling, and being vegetarian.

Lynn Derkowski

lynn-d.jpgSecond Year, Sustainability Studies Major. I joined CEC to learn more about implementing sustainability into everyday life. Talk to me about sustainability studies, saxophones, and anything HBO!

Anthony Johnson

anthony-jFirst Year, Environmental Science (Bio) Major. I joined CEC to help get people to be more aware of environmentalism on campus. Talk to me about jazz music, saxophones, and trees!

Anushua Mantrala

anushua-m.jpgFirst Year, Civil Engineering Major. I joined CEC to enforce a sustainable way of life on campus and to find a community who cares about the environment. Talk to me about traveling, comedy TV shows, and the environment!

Service Chairs

Sarah Boatwright

sarah-bSecond Year, Plan II and Sustainability Studies Majors. I joined CEC to get involved in sustainability efforts on campus and to work towards the greenest UT that can be. Talk to me about sustainability as a lifestyle, Quentin Tarantino, podcasts, and zero waste!

Olivia Lavender

olivia-lSecond Year, Civil Engineering Major. I joined CEC to make a positive difference in the environment. Talk to me about being a vegetarian, engineering, air pollution, and music!

Bonnie Metting

bonnie-mThird Year, Sustainability Studies Major. I joined CEC to promote sustainability and environmental consciousness. Talk to me about fishing, archery, and yoga!

Sara Scheffler

sara-sSecond Year, Sustainability Studies and International Business Majors. I joined CEC to make a tangible, positive impact on the environment. Talk to me about golf, flowers, Dancing with the Stars!