About the Education and Outreach Core Team

This team is charged with the task of “educating the UT community about contemporary environmental issues,” per the CEC’s Mission Statement. Such initiatives have included an interactive demonstration of water quality issues in Flint, Michigan; a visual exhibition addressing waste diversion rates from on-campus sources; and a zero-waste lifestyle workshop series.


Education and Outreach Core Team Leaders

Katie Aplis


I am a senior B.S.A Environmental Science major pursuing a certificate in Public Policy. I am interested in environmental justice and the intersection of climate change with community dynamics. Education is our greatest tool in the environmental movement and with the CEC we can help students make informed decisions that will have a positive impact.

Vaishali Jayaraman

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 3.52.55 PM

I am a third year B.S. Computer Science and B.A. Sanskrit student pursuing certificates in Digital Arts & Media and Environment & Sustainability. Having worked on the Zero Waste Team, Trash to Treasure and the Socials Team, I think that the biggest environmental challenge that faces our world is waste management. I aspire working towards developing lifestyles defined by seemingly effortless sustainable efforts, where a person has only environmentally conscious options, which are comfortable and convenient. Apart from environment conservation work, you can find me doing photoshoots for fellow Longhorns, designing snazzy stuff in my studio or let’s be real, coding all day long! 🙂

Outreach & Activities Chairs

Nayoung Hur

Third Year, Environmental Science (GEO) and Corporate Communications Majors. Talk to me about guitar, singing, photography, grocery shopping, and being outside!

George Roth

Jack Rouse

Lectures Chair

Kate Cox

Workshops Chairs