About the Administrative Core Team

Our purview is to provide general leadership to the organization, as well as essential administrative services, such as record-keeping, communications, and media content generation.

By extension of the duties of the Ambassadors, the Administrative Core Team also assumes responsibility for member recruitment and retention, leadership development, alumni connections, office space maintenance, and member recognition.


Ambassadors – Team Leaders

James Collins


I’m a Senior B.S. Environmental Science and B.A. Government dual-degree student. A past Project Leader of the CEC Microfarm, I’m passionate about incorporating local food production into urban areas. I believe climate change is the foremost challenge facing society, and I want to see all aspects of sustainability, especially environmental integrity and social equity, integrated with student life at UT. When I’m not studying, I can be found collecting books, turning compost, practicing Spanish, listening to KUTX, and hiking across the Texas Hill Country.

Anthony Rivera

screen-shot-2017-10-07-at-3-54-39-pm.pngI am a second year Communication and Leadership major with interests in environment and sustainability, social justice, and government responsibility. As a former project leader of the Socials Team, I am so excited to see CEC grow into a community where students can come to meet like-minded people and learn more about sustainability! As an Ambassador, I am ready to meet and interact with all of the members and do everything I can to help lead an organization that serves everyone. Say hi if you see me around!

Communications Chairs

Caroline Garnett

Boston McGahie


Second year, Biology Major. Talk to me about running and racing, hiking, physical therapy, and cake decorating!

Graphics Chair

Jenna Ma


Second year, Design Major. Talk to me about pixar movies, boba tea, and fashion!

Media Chairs

Membership Chairs

Alex Kaplan

alex.pngThird year, Sustainability Studies Major. Talk to me about Elon Musk, guitar, backpacking, and computers!

Kirti Murali

kirti.jpgSecond year, Biochemistry Major. Talk to me about tv shows, movie scores/composers, and random animal facts!

Office Manager

Tayler Kennedy

taylerFirst year, History Major. Talk to me about piano, volleyball, candy, El Paso, law, and reading!