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What is BATX?

BATX projects under the Education & Outreach Core Team host a series of educational workshops designed to introduce UT students to bats and their critical role in our global and local ecosystem and agricultural economy. Students will learn about native Texas bats while detecting echolocative calls, view the Congress Avenue Bridge emergence, and more! The goal is that students will leave with an appreciation and respect for these misunderstood animals, or better yet, be inspired to consider bat careers and volunteer opportunities during their time at UT.

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Links and Resources

Bat Conservation International (BCI)

BCI is headquartered in Austin. They have a multidimensional mission that ranges from stewardship of the colonies at Congress Avenue Bridge and Bracken Cave, to international efforts towards the conservation of bats and furthering research.

Save Lucy the Bat

The Save Lucy Campaign was started with a focus on White-Nose Syndrome. Their goal is not only to facilitate WNS res arch efforts, but to engage and empower both young people and adults with the knowledge and tools to take action to protect native populations.

Bat World Sanctuary

Headquartered in Mineral Wells, Texas, Bat World Sanctuary is a safe harbor for both native and exotic species, specializing in rehabilitation of native insectivorous bats.

Defenders of Wildlife

Founded in 1947 and located in Washington D.C., Defenders of Wildlife is a major national conservation organization focused solely on wildlife and habitat conservation and the safeguarding of biodiversity. The entire website is a treasure trove of knowledge, but their bat section offers all of the important subtopics at a glance.

Sticks and Stones Rescue

Sticks and Stones Rescue is located in San Antonio, Texas and is run by a member of UT’s BATX team. They specialize in the rescue and rehabilitation of native insectivorous bats, and prioritize community educational outreach and citizen science as ways to engage the public on wildlife conservation topics.

Austin Bat Refuge

Austin Bat Refuge is located here in Austin, specializing in the rescue and rehabilitation of native insectivorous bats and educational outreach. The website has species profiles and frequent blog posts that make for light-yet-informative reading, and a section on radar observation of the activity of various Texas bat colonies.