What do the directors do?

The directors of the CEC are the most visible part of our org. They are primarily responsible for the general management of the CEC. They provide support for our six project teams, host campfires (our general meetings), manage outside inquires, promote team mentality in the CEC community and amongst the CEC leadership team, manage grant opportunities and metrics, as well as guide discussions about the future of the CEC and our yearly vision statement.

Feel free to contact the directors for any reason! This includes any comments, questions, or concerns about the CEC, collaboration opportunities, general sustainability questions, and other inquires.

You can contact the directors at director@utenvironment.org.

Two former CEC directors host a fall 2018 interest meeting.

Meet our Directors


Avery McKitrick

Hey there! I’m Avery. I’m a third year environmental science major on the biology track pursing a marine science certificate. I started out in the CEC as a Half-Pint Prairie co-lead. Outside of CEC, I tend to my plot at the CEC Microfarm and watch an exorbitant number of Marvel movies. After I graduate I plan to pursue a masters degree in marine science or policy. When I’m not with the CEC you can find me hiking, tending my houseplants, or watching Mean Girls (2004). Please feel free to email me at director@utenvironment.org if you have questions, comments, or just want to hang out.

Riley Anderson